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Career Change


I help Scientists, Creatives and Business & Tech professionals discover, plan and kick off their career transitions within 3 months.

We talk about your goals & aspirations, explore coaching programs and decide whether or not we're a good fit.

6x career prototypes
3x 5-year career plans
your career transition


First move: Finance >> Sales
The Introverted Traits (ITs) that helped me thrive in the new job:
⚪ Deep & Analytical thinking
⚪ Active Listening
⚪ Attentive observation & empathy with other teams and external partners
Achievements in the new job: 
🟡 Consistently exceeded targets (50M+ ARR) whilst guaranteeing service excellence
🟡 Strong internal & external partnerships (Guided 15 State Managers, Partners with Top #2 Australian Largest Retailers)
🟡 Got transferred internally and promoted to a management position (+50% Salary increase)

Want to know if we are a great fit?

Feel free to book a 60-minute complimentary strategy session with Karen Rene.

Note that there is no obligation to commit to further sessions. 


The 3-month Program
Best for anyone who craves a career change but doesn't know where to start.

6x career prototypes.
3x 5-year
career plans
your career transition

Career Discovery

Month #1

During the first 4-weeks of the 3-month career transition program, I will help you:

  • Identify your YAH (You are Here), and understand what’s working at work, in life and what’s not

  • Clarify your career and life aspirations

  • Manage your time effectively and create healthy habits

  • Design at least six career prototypes

Career Planning

Month #2

During the second month of the 3-month career transition program, I will help you:

  • Map out three career development plans, identify key milestones, upskilling and other requirements

  • Expand your network and build a strong community that can support you throughout the transition

Career Transition Kick-off

Month #3

During the last month of the program, I will help you:

Kick-start your career transition with dedicated 4x tactical sessions which may include:

  • Job Search

  • CV & Linkedin coaching

  • Interview Preparation

See here for coaching reimbursement and tax deductions.

All programs are delivered online, so we can meet anywhere in the world.

Introverse is based in the Netherlands (CET Timezone).


// Unlimited coaching support via email, voice & text messages between sessions for support and accountability //

// Customised reading list recommendations to foster your growth and accelerate  your transition // 

// Worksheets and personalised homework assignments adapted to your specific needs //

Why join the program?

Move from not knowing what to do next,

To creating at least x6 career prototypes.

Move from feeling unsatisfied at work,

To crafting a fulfilling career plan.

Move from feeling burnout,

To getting a job that meets both your life and work aspirations.

Move from not knowing where to start,

To developing a thorough and detailed 5-year career plan, with key milestones.

Move from feeling like quitting with no back-up plans,

To re-desining your current job for higher work satisfaction whilst preparing your career transition.

Move from not having a strong network and support system,

To finding accountability buddies and mentors to help you throughout the transition.

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