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For Individuals


Introverted Expats

I help Introverted Expats who experience culture shock and isolation, take action to adapt to their new environment, build a strong support system and thrive at work within 6 weeks.

All coaching sessions are online, so we can meet from anywhere in the world. 

The Program

This 6-week leadership program is designed for Introverted Expats who are seeking to unfold their full potential in their new work environment.


The program will help you:

•Identify your YAH (You are Here), and understand what’s working at work, in life and what’s not

•Assess all challenges and blockers you are facing as an Expat

•Adapt and thrive in your new work environment

•Build your support system (at work & outside of work)

•Achieve performance whilst de-risking burnout

•Gain authority & influence in your new cultural environment 

This program includes:

•1 x 60-minute discovery session

•1 x 90-minute Leadership Assessment

•4 x 60-minute weekly coaching sessions

•Unlimited coaching support via email, voice & text messages between sessions for support and accountability

•Customized reading list recommendations to foster your growth and adapt to your new environment

•Worksheets and personalised homework assignments adapted to your specific needs

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The Program

Why join the program?

Move from experiencing culture shock,

To learning strategies to adapt and thrive in your new work environment

Move from feeling isolated and lonely,

To learning how to build your community and local support system

Move from fearing to lose your work visa,

To designing strategies to achieve peak performance whilst de-risking burnout

Move from risking slower career advancement

To learning how to proactively influence, gain respect and authority at work

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