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For Individuals


Introverted Leaders

I help Introverts who feel unnoticed, unappreciated and overworked take action to land their next leadership role.

All coaching sessions are online, so we can meet from anywhere in the world. 

The Program

This 6-week leadership program is designed for Introverts who are seeking to leverage their strengths to land their next leadership role.


The program will help you:

•Identify your YAH (You are Here), and understand what’s working at work, in life and what’s not

•Assess your leadership skills and voice your aspirations

•Gain authority & win allies at work

•Become and stay an authentic leader

•Effectively manage your time & priorities

•Clarify roles & responsibilities and refine ways of working

•Negotiate workplace adjustments that will help you and your team thrive

This program includes:

•1 x 60-minute discovery session

•1 x 90-minute Leadership Assessment

•4 x 60-minute weekly coaching sessions

•Unlimited coaching support via email, voice & text messages between sessions for support and accountability

•Customized reading list recommendations to foster your growth within your organization

•Worksheets and personalised homework assignments adapted to your specific needs

The Program

Why join the program?

Move from not being perceived as a Leader,

To creating a plan that helps you gain authority & build strong alliances at work.

Move from feeling obligated to fake it,

To becoming a Leader whilst staying true to yourself

Move from feeling overworked, frustrated and burned out,

To effectively managing your time, priorities and gain clarity on roles and responsibilities

Move from suffering from social exhaustion,

To setting boundaries and adapting ways of working to ease overstimulation at work

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