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2008 - Paris Dauphine (PSL)

🚀 M2 Audit & Financial Advisory - 229

2008 - Deloitte, Audit

🚀 Career start

2011 - France to Australia

🌏 New Country

2012 - L'Oreal, Sales

⚡Career Change

2014 - L'Oreal, Sales & Operations

🚀 Career Progression

2016 - L'Oreal, Digital

⚡Career Change

2018 - Aesop, Digital & Tech

🚀 Career Progression

2021 - Australia to the Netherlands

🌎⚡New Country


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Hello, I am Karen Rene, an ex-Big4 turned International Leadership Coach (ACC), Start-up Mentor and Business Educator for Young Impact Leaders.


I bring 15+ years of experience in Business and Tech, managing over 50+ teams, and guiding 200+ students/clients/partners across Europe, APAC & North America.

During that time, I changed careers 3x times, moved countries (the latest being The Netherlands), built 15+ side hustles, and served as a member of the Aesop Global Digital & Tech Leadership Team; there, I held the position of Head of Global Digital Operations, overseeing the digital operations strategy for ($100M+ ARR), guiding 100+ staff members, 17 markets - top markets included the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, France and Japan.


I am French-Australian (or Fraussie as we often say Down Under), skilled in working with French and English speakers. Most of my clients are Business & Tech Professionals, Scientists and Creatives located in The Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland and the US.


I am an introvert. As a kid, I was always questioned about my need for solitude, my tendency to overthink, and my reluctance to get social for the sake of it. For years, I repressed my introversion; that same introversion that helped me move countries, change careers and thrive in roles I was not seemingly cut out for.

At work, I also witnessed lots of sound ideas and possible business breakthroughs being ignored or overlooked - all with one thing in common: they came from introverts.

It took me a few years to crack the code and understand how to best leverage my introverted traits (ITs) for career success, and this is precisely what I want to help you do.


If we work together, you will find that my coaching and mentoring embody a range of introverted traits (ITs) including the likes of deep & analytical thinking, active listening, thoughtful networking and empathic leadership; something I would be pleased to discuss further when we get to meet.



I am an Accredited ICF Professional Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organisation of professionally trained coaches.

I hold an NLP Practitioner certification. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology to equip executives, athletes and high-achievers with tools that further mental resilience and peak performance.

In 2022, I joined the global cohort of DYL licensed coaches trained by Stanford University Professors and New York Times best-selling authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. DYL methodology applies design thinking to life's "wicked" problems and vocational wayfinding.

I worked with global incubator Impact Hub to help start-ups achieve key milestones whilst de-risking burnout. Impact Hub has a network of 30,000 entrepreneurs and innovators in 107+ locations worldwide in 50+ countries spanning five continents.

I am Business Mentor through the One Young World (OYW) Mentorship program. Mentees are Environmental Technical Experts, UNEP project leads and members of the COP. As a Start-up mentor at ACE (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship), I provide mentorship support to Science Entrepreneurs and IoT, SaaS and Fintech early-stage start-ups.


  • Worked with teams from 20+ countries

  • 4 Countries I call home

  • 3 Career changes

  • Paris Dauphine Graduate (Globally Ranked 26th, Top #1 in France)

  • Master 229 (Paris Dauphine): 2nd Best French Master in Business & Audit (Top #1: Essec, Top #3 HEC)

  • 3x Highest Ranking Student

  • 2x Retail Award-Winner (Criteria: Collaboration, Integrated Business Planning)

  • Former member of Aesop B Corp team, Digital B Corp Champion

  • Start-up Mentor + Coach

  • Leadership + Career Coach

  • Speaks French, English

  • Certified Agile PM

  • Certified Blockchain Expert

  • 15k - 21K - 42K runner

  • INFJ-A 

  • A resilient optimist

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