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#John - Escaping small talk with co-workers he barely knows

Updated: Feb 18

TRANQUIL HAVENS // A time travel series

John, who was naturally an introvert, detested office parties and experienced anxiety at the notion of chit-chatting with coworkers he hardly knew.

John one day discovered a supernatural ability that allowed him to flee into his own thoughts. He felt himself transported to a wonderful dream world where he was free to be himself with a deep breath and a concentrated mind.

He was in a lush forest, surrounded by nature and the calming sounds of a trickling brook and birds. He stumbled across a quaint cottage with a roaring fire in the fireplace while he was meandering through the woodland. A cozy recliner, a collection of his favourite novels, and a warm cup of tea were waiting for him inside.

John came to the conclusion that he didn't have to worry about the pressure and tension of social events as he sipped his tea and lost himself in his books. He could be who he was and find contentment and happiness in the things that actually made him happy in his fantasy world.

As the day wore on and night fell, John returned to the forest and came into a mysterious grove that was teeming with flickering fireflies. He was deeply at peace and satisfied as he marvelled at their flickering and glowing.

John knew he could always find an escape within his own mind as he entered the outside world after leaving it. He had discovered that he could find calm in any circumstance by concentrating on the things that made him happy and joyful. And even though he occasionally still found himself in awkward social settings, he was aware that he could always escape to his dream world to find consolation and comfort.

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