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What Clients Say

Through the lens of my clients, these testimonials aim to provide a nuanced understanding of my ways of working and offer a glimpse into the results that could be achieved if we work together.

Name, Title

Benjamin S.

Private Equity Analyst

It was a pleasure to work with Karen, every step of the way she was there with support and guidance that really helped me bridge the gap between the last chapter of my life and this one.

🎯 New Job

🚀 Career Start

🌍 New Country

Zienab E.

Senior Sustainability Scientist


came up with


career prototypes



new connections




Felicity M.

Interior Designer

I recently was lucky enough to have several career design sessions with Karen, the founder of Introverse. During these sessions she helped me immensely. Karen was the perfect balance of warm, professional, insightful, pragmatic and direct. I was feeling stuck and directionless in my career and Karen helped me realise I have the tools and resources needed to make a change that was worthwhile. Her holistic approach led us to analyse several scenarios and paths and work out which was best suited to what I want and need long term. She guided me with tangible, realistic steps that reflected her immense experience both professionally and personally.

🎯 New Job

⚡ Career Change


Medicinal Chemistry Postdoc

Karen supported me in taking pivotal career steps, such as curating my professional network, refining my career plan, and landing my new job. All in 11 weeks.

🎯 New Job

🚀 Career Progression

🌍 New Country

Thanie K.

Asset Manager

Top notch coaching!
I took the Discovery pack with Karen.
My experience was extremely positive.
Karen is very human and empathetic, and also very structured. In three weeks, we were able to define my 5-year goal and life plan, both in terms of professional and personal life.
Thanks to Karen, and many small exercises, I now have a clear vision of where I am and above all where I want to go and how to get there.

🎯 New Job

🚀 Career Progression

Georgia F.

Producer, Screenwriter

It's hard to put into words how valuable my sessions were with Karen. She truly listens to you meaning she can provide amazing tools and advice no matter what profession you're in. She was made to do this role.

Pierre N.

MedTech Executive

Karen helped me over a period of six dark months. Her coaching has proven instrumental to move forward, one step at a time.

🎯 New job

🚀 Career Progression

Kareem A.

Localization Manager

Karen guided me to uncover my goals and priorities and refine my skills in planning and goal setting.


In less than 2 months, I reached out to experts in the localisation industry, taking essential steps like networking, interview preparation and resume refinement which helped me land my new job, expand my network and progress my career forward.

🎯 New Job

Alessandro F.

Supply Chain Specialist

I found the name "Introverse" to be very fitting for the service provided, as the recommendations and guidance were geared towards developing a long-term plan with small, actionable steps that would ultimately lead to achieving my career goals.

Although the focus was primarily on my career, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the impact of our discussions extended beyond just my professional life and into all aspects of my day-to-day life.


Social Worker

Karen is a very natural & charismatic coach with great energy and a lot of passion for helping people achieve their goals. I always feel energised and motivated to take action after our sessions!

🎯 New Job

⚡ Career Change

Andreas S.

Data Scientist

I began collaborating with Karen after moving to Amsterdam and struggling to find my first job as a data scientist amid a career change. She helped me identify the unique qualities of my background, develop my interview skills, and revamp my CV, LinkedIn, and portfolio website.


A few weeks after the coaching, I landed a new job and successfully transitioned into the field of data science.

🎯 New Job

⚡ Career Change

If you aim for similar achievements, feel free to book a no-obligation call with me.

We talk about your goals & aspirations, explore coaching programs and decide whether or not we're a good fit.

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